SP and Co- Merry Christmas

Do you guys know about Kristina's Holiday Card Series? Last year, I had so much fun checking out her amazing cards and videos, and she's back at it again! Yesterday was day #1 of 25, and I decided to issue myself a challenge:

CASE each one of her holiday cards.

I have A LOT of Christmas cards to make this year, and I need to get started! I hope I stick with it, although who knows- I tend to start projects and never see them through to the end.....so please with me luck!

Here's her first beauty: (on her blog here)

And here is my card, using SP and Co's Bold Holiday Sentiments and Ornamental Trees.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with a CASE of her card #2!

(and don't forget to check out the rest of SP and Co's DT Wed!)


  1. What a great idea Jen! LOVE your take on Kristina's card! Those trees are fab!

  2. Love the graphic look to this... and I'm impressed that you're going to make that many Christmas cards, all of them different?

  3. Ooh! I really love that sentiment styling and I'm glad to see it holds up on an even more simple and graphic card.

  4. What a fun challenge you've made for yourself! I love the modern design of this holiday card. I can't wait to see all your creations!

  5. Love the stylised Christmas trees, so cool against the grid bkgd :)
    Jenny x

  6. Love your take on Kristina's card. I enjoy watching her videos too.

  7. Cuuute card! I love the colors and cluster of trees!

  8. I also love Kristina's cards, she inspires me all the time. You made a wonderful remake, it's awesome! :)

  9. Hi I have just come here from Kristina's blog (from the comment link you left) This is a fantastic take on the card. Thanks for sharing.
    Karen F


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