SP and Co DT Wed

(check out my Guest Blogging post at Ella Publishing!)

Good morning! I've got a fun and simple card this morning for this week's DT Wednesday at SP and Co! I'm using one of this month's new sets, Just a Note.

Although the card looks simple, it took a long time to do! I tried to be as precise as possible when lining up those cardstock stripes.

So glad you could pop by!


  1. This card is awesome. I saw your Ella publishing guest post and it's nothing less than fabulous as always. I couldn't post there without signing in. You rock!

  2. So fun, love all the angles! :)

  3. And I can totally believe how long it took to line those strips of card up but it was *so* worth it! Love this!
    Congrats on the Ella gig too - I'm just about to hop across there :)

  4. omg I love this! saw this on the northridge blog and had to pop over to tell you how wonderful it is!

  5. Bold and fabulous CAS card. Congrats on the Create shout out.

  6. This card is amazing!!!! Just saw it on the Create:Blog!!! Fab work!!


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