brighten my day

Remember this fun set from SP and Company?

What I love about this set is that you are not limited to masculine cards.   In addition to the "Happy Birthday" in a wonderful large font, you have all of those sweet questions:

The wrinkliness of the ribbon in the first picture is killing me. I think I'll have to go back and re-do the ribbon!  Do any of you get that particular with your cards?

Above the ribbon is a strip of glitter- which gives me 1. yellow, 2. glitter, 3. flowers- perfect for the tic tac toe challenge this week at Our Creative Corner!  Since I resigned from the team, I have not had an opportunity to play along...but I'm so glad that I can this week!  :)


  1. Wow this card is absolutely beautiful. I love it a lot! Thanks for your inspiration, Jen!!

    Have a grand day!

  2. Love the subtle shimmer from the glitter and ribbon. And I seriously like that stamp set because of those great sentiments.

    As for the wrinkles, they irritate me enough that I actually bought one of those Pebbles ribbon irons even though I rarely use ribbon. I originally scoffed at the idea, but it's surprisingly handy when small details like ribbon wrinkles bother you.

  3. Oh Jen, this would totally brighten my day! I love that bright splash of yellow against the white and the crisp black text. You have such an amazing touch with CAS! So great to have you back as a player. Hope you'll keep in touch.


  4. Hi Jennifer! I think your card is completely drop dead gorgeous as it is! I didn´t notice about the ribbon until you said it :-P but I like that kind of "imperfections" on my cards (actually they have plenty of them....) because it shows they are hand made art, and for me art is not perfection, on the contrary, I´d leave your card as it is :-) and by the way, I might case it some day if you let me of course. Your clean and simple cards are my favorites always. Have a wonderful day! Hugs,

  5. I am pretty sure I have mention before how much i love yellow but that is not the only reason i LOVE this card. It's Gorgeous!

  6. Jenn, this is wonderful! So sunshiny and fun! Love the strip of glitter above the ribbon, which is just fine! Yes, I agonize over those details too! I think it's inherent in crafter, LOL! Thanks for joining our challenge this week at Our Creative Corner! Hugs, Marcy

    PS - I'm at Davis and Porter Square all the time, so I'll have to stop by and see your lovely creations!

  7. Wrinkly ribbon or not, this card certainly brightens my day! :)
    Fabulous CAS design and I love the extra special sparkles! :)
    P.S I *love* that you totally got my blog post "The Cat's Outta the Bag" - I can always rely on you to be on the same wavelength as me! :)

  8. great set indeed, and your card is gorgeous! the colours and the balance are just great!

  9. Jennifer, your card is quite simple, yet I find it to be quite gorgeous.

  10. Hi Jen!! *can you see me waving to you?* This is such a fun and happy card, in every way! Your shading on the flowers is so pretty and the sentiment certainly conveys the right message. Gorgeous! So nice that you joined us at OCC this week! Big hugs! :)


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