(warning: long post ahead)

This week's Runway Inspired Challenge is a real fun one! (well, I always think they are fun...especially since I pick the inspiration photos with help from my trusty DT!)

source: style.com

I am in LOVE with the new Fall 2012 looks I have seen in the recent Fashion Weeks.  This fun outfit from Anna Sui makes me smile (her clothes are always so quirky!)

Check out the little gift set I made:

 (owl rub-on from Hambly Screen Prints)

Don't you just love the purple pleated trim on the gift box?

How I got it has a story behind it. I've always wanted to go to M&J Trimming in NYC.  Although I live near Boston now, I grew up about 45 minutes from Manhattan, so I've been in the city A LOT of times.  For whatever reason, I always forget to go to M&J.  Then, this past October, a friend of mine was getting married in NYC, so my husband and I made a special point for me to have my first visit.  And guess what:
 ("We will be closed Saturday October 8th")

Not fair!  I was sad, but luckily we were going back to NY the following week for Comic Con (more info on that here).  So after a lengthy trip to the Nintendo World Store (haha), we got to M&J!  It was so much fun.  SO many buttons, ribbons, and trims in any color!  

I picked up a few things, including this purple ruffled trim, of course.

The other Runway DT gals have some amazing projects too, so check them out.  I hope you play along too, because there is a gift card to Simon Says Stamp in it for the winner!


  1. Love your card and altered box! WOW!

  2. Simply stunning Jen, I just adore this sweet set, the card is a true stand out and WOW! what about that pleated trim, so sad that you couldn't visit the first time, but am glad that you got to revisit and this time they were open...hugs

  3. Wow! Love this bold card and the owl with the trim is lovely! By the way, your picture of you with the sad face in front of the store closed sign is too cute! :)

  4. Fabulous! And I love the photo of you by the door. Miss pouty lip. Too cute.

  5. Love the set and love the picture of you! Lol!

  6. Awwww such a sad face but I love the happy ending :)
    You've put that gorgeous trim to fabulous use! I love your projects - so bold!
    P.S Really hoping I get a chance to play along. I can't believe the last challenge ended already; where is time flying to?!

  7. so fabulous, Jen, that bold houndstooth is incredible!! love that owl rub-on, too!

  8. Awesome design! I love the houndstooth.

  9. Love that pink houndstooth. Your story is great and so glad you got to go back. The box sure looks happy for the trip!


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