Clear and Simple Stamps - March/April Release

Good morning!  I am just SO thrilled to share my project today.  It is release day over at Clear and Simple Stamps, and once you see the new stuff, you will probably want to buy it all!  The theme (as you likely figured out by now with the sneak peeks) is "baby"- perfect for baby showers, announcements, thank you's, gifts, etc.  Alright, enough blabbing- onto my project:

I think that this would be a really fun way for a couple to announce the gender of their baby.  In each card is a scratch off ticket, as seen below:

I would include the coin in the envelope too, so the recipient knows exactly what to do:

Fun, huh? Here's how I did it (sorry for the yucky photos below):

1.  Adhere packing tape onto a slick surface (I used the back of an old sticker sheet- but I'd bet waxed paper would work too).  Die cut image:

Take the positive image (in this case, the giraffe), peel it off the sheet, and apply it to your card over the stamped sentiment:

I also die cut the same image from some masking paper I had, and matched it up with the packaging tape:

Now, paint a mixture of silver (or any color) acrylic paint and a tad of dish soap over the tape.  I'm glad I put the mask there, because I certainly did not paint within the lines!  This it what it looked like after one coat:

After I let it dry, it only needed one more coat to cover the sentiment completely (I was surprised, since the first run was so transparent!).  Carefully peel off the mask, and you're done!  Here it is again, so you can see how well the 2nd coat covered:

This was my first try with this technique, and I kind of figured out how to do it as I went along....if you have a better way, please let me know!  It was a bit time-consuming (especially with the dry time), but if you mass-produced them it would be a lot easier, and wouldn't take much more time than it took me to do the one.

Here are the goodies I used:
Baby Sentiments
Party Elements Baby
Baby Shower Die

And don't forget to visit everyone else!
Clear and Simple Stamps


  1. this is so awesome! I am so sad that I am done having babies, I would have loved to do this!!! Going to have to wait for grandkids one day I guess.

  2. This is really cute. I saw a tutorial somewhere for a technique like this and I want to say they mixed a little bit of dish soap in with the silver paint. I will have to look for it now. I think the soap made it softer to scratch off. But I don't think they used any slickery material underneath like you. That is a good idea.

  3. This is so, so cool! Great idea! Love it!

  4. Just love your ideas Jen, something quite different for the proud parents to send :0)
    Jenny x

  5. So cool, and you could use this for so many things! Love it!

  6. This is so cool. Thank you for showing us all how you pulled it off, so awesome! Also congrats on winning the February Paper Crafts Gallery challenge!!! :)

  7. Jen this is amazing! What a fun project! I hadn't even seen this technique before and I am so glad you shared it!

  8. The scratch-off ticket is brilliant! You are always so creative with your designs Jennifer!

  9. How fun! I've wanted to try this technique for a while now and now that I've seen your version, I may just have to try it for myself . . .

  10. i had no idea this could be made at home, thank you for the explanations! i tried it straight away on my card #0070 ; )

  11. woow, it is so cool, it is also entertaining to the ones who receive this card, they will be impressed to find out what gender the baby is, it is exciting for them, you make it extra-ordinary,thanks for sharing, would you do a video tutorial in the future? I love to follow the technique you do.

  12. The scratch off reveal is such a cool idea! Nicely done, as always! :-D <3


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