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I always get so excited to share the latest stamps from Clear and Simple with you!  This month, we are releasing a part of the collection each day, and today is devoted to the By The Glass series.

I made a cute little box of cocktail charms:

The By the Glass set comes with fun drink stamps, and I adore that drink umbrella!  I also stamped some bubbles on the front. The circle on top was die cut from the CSS Owl/Kitty build-a-critter (there are so many useful shapes in that set!) and I glued a sheet of thick acetate in the window. 

There are my little charms....can you tell what they are made of?

Yep....shrink plastic!  I stamped each glass onto the plastic, colored in the drink area with a permanent marker, cut them out, punched the hole, then blasted them with the heat gun.  I used the heat gun because I am impatient, but if you wanted to cook 'em traditional-style in the oven, they would probably lay a little flatter than mine.

It was fun to bust out my jewelry-making tools on this one!

I took a small length of jewelry wire, and fashioned a little circle (more specifically a wrapped loop) on the end with my round-nosed pliers.  Then I strung on the beads, and curved them into the round shape (make sure to curve the wire before you close off the other end- if you string the beads on too tightly when it is straight, there will be no room left for it to bend!).  Next, I trimmed the excess wire to about a centimeter, folded it so the wire was double thick, strung on a crimp bead, and tightened it so I had no sharp raw edge of the wire sticking out. Then I simply used my pliers to form that into a hook.  The circle is easy to attach and detach with the hook.  Lastly, I attached a jump ring onto the charm and put it on the beaded circle.  Ta da! A drink charm!

Here are the other ladies posting today, including my 2 crafty friends who are guesting this month, Virginia and fellow Massachussettsian Suzanne!!
Clear and Simple Stamps

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  1. How fun are those charms? Love it!

  2. LOVE LOVE the wine charms, Jennifer! I am absolutely CHARMED!!

  3. the charms are so great! I didn't even know you could shrink the plastic with a heat gun (craft time with my daughter just got a whole lot easier...)

  4. How great is this little box for your handmade charms. I love them cut out and dressed up with pretty seed beads. Fab idea!

  5. Jennifer, you are too much! I can't believe your creativity. The charms came out amazing! I love the little box too! I did know that Massachusettsian was a word. ;)

  6. I just love getting your posts --- such a great little project -- and all packages up so pretty! :)

  7. Oh no, I'm in trouble... my wine labels would probably love some of these beverages... and hello, what a fabulous idea for your wine tags... I'm toasting a different type of beverage on my blog, come say hi... no hangover included.

  8. So fun! Love how you packaged the wine charms (great idea, by the way!).

  9. These are so cute! I love how you added beads to your wine charms.

  10. Adorable charms and gift box!! Love it!

  11. Oh my goodness, Jenn, it turned out GREAT!!! I love the charms, how awesome! And that window at the top was genius ;) Can't wait to see the rest of the projects coming up!

  12. OMG - I love the charms. So tempted to do with my heat gun! And I love that they have a little shape to them ~ that just makes them more fun! Looks like I gotta go to the store for some materials...

  13. Your charms are stunning !! How do you find all these beautiful ideas ? Love it !

  14. So cute! What a fabulous idea!!!

  15. So cute! What a fabulous idea!!!

  16. So cute! What a fabulous idea!!!


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