Friendship Necklace

I had such high hopes of doing a bunch of the Stamp-A-Faire projects yesterday, but alas, was too busy to get past my first card.  Luckily, I had a bit of time this morning to make a friendship necklace.  Yes, I know that the challenge was to make a friendship bracelet, but once I made my hot pink beads, I REALLY wanted to see what they would look like as a necklace.   I really love it!

...and me, enjoying my new necklace:
(sorry for the blindingly harsh sunlight in the pic above!)

I hope I can squeeze in another project or 2 before tomorrow's deadline!


  1. seriously cute! Hey. I AM A FRIEND! hehe...

  2. Way fun! Love the necklace and the color is awesome!

  3. Wow your necklace is stunning. Great to hear you had a happy SAF day. TFS.

  4. OMG you are so crafty....and whole necklace! We didn't have all the pieces to be able to wear our bracelets...but I will go buy some this week. I love it, Jen!

  5. oh, wow! this is so charming, jennifer!

  6. Cute necklace! Are you going to wear it to school this week sometime so we can take a gander?

  7. The necklace looks awesome, Jenn! You are so creative...this is definitely you!


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