CSS - Release Day 4

Today is the 4th day of the new release at Clear and Simple Stamps....with a focus on the new shapes and backgrounds!   All of the products being released this month are absolutely amazing!  Probably the most versatile of the bunch are the new square shapes.  

I don't know how I lived without square dies before I got these- making a window cutout for my card was so easy! In the past, I would have had to measure it all out, use the paper cutter, and make sure I didn't cut too far on a given side...and usually (no matter how hard I tried) I would end up with a window that wasn't so perfect.  Now I'll get a perfect cut every time!

My card set is inspired by this, from Kristina.  I just love the way colors look behind the crisp white die cuts!  I used my trusty watercolor set to paint each:

Other gals posting today are:

Virginia Lu (guest)
Suzanne Dahlberg (guest)
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  1. Stunning! These are amazing! For sure: you need to bring those watercolors here some time so you can show me how to do this!

  2. Love love love the vibrant colors with the butterflies! Stunning design, Jennifer!

  3. stunning! what beautiful colors to have popping out from behind that gorgeous butterfly!

  4. Gorgeous...I love how you made the backgrounds behind the butterflies. Stunning!

  5. Oh Jenn, they turned out beautifully! I didn't think I'd want a square die, but after reading what you said about the window...you're so right! I love the beautiful backgrounds you created.

  6. Gorgeous background colours to go with your butterflies!

  7. WOW! I love what you did here Jennifer! And-so neat that the butterflies are white!!!


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