YCU Challenge #12

Hey folks, there's a new challenge up today at Young Crafters Unite!

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like buttons were REALLY big a while back, and now I don't see them on people's projects as often.  Well, we're bringing them back this month!! 

Here's my card, which was somewhat inspired by Laura's card here.  I loved that she had a cutout, and that soft grey color.

Please visit my friends to see what they made with buttons:
Britta (also, win a spot in her class here!)


  1. I love that sentiment! And the fact that it's big made me smile. Green with grey...I have to try this. Fantastic color combo!

  2. I have this sentiment, and I have buttons, and I have a die, and I never met a shade of gray card stock I didn't like...I am going to case your card! You know what would be fun, You cased Laura, then i case you and then some poor soul would case me and see what we end up with after a bunch of casing, like playing telephone but for cards!!

  3. I think you're right....I haven't seen as many either! But you know what SarahJay would say....they're naked!!! Hahahaha :) Love them all lined up like that on the bottom of the card and the sentiment is really great!

  4. So gorgeous! Love this sentiment! Thanks for the shout out, crafty friend;)


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