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(This is my second post today...for my Runway Inspired card, please scroll down!)

Every year, Clear and Simple Stamps releases a special Limited Edition set during Customer Appreciation Month.  This year's set is Joy- perfect for the holidays or any time of year!  All CSS customers will receive a handmade card and a sentiment stamp.  Awesome, right?  There are also new metallic products being offered, and you can learn more about those here.

With my new set, I created a card with a matching envelope.  I used the tag die to impress the cardstock, and added a bunch of glitter!

To go along with the card, I made a matching wine bottle tag.  I wanted to mimic the embossed look, but did not have a die of the image I wanted (a wine glass).   Can you figure out how I did it??

 (I took the pic at a slight angle- when you look at it straight-on the top and bottom half line up)

I got out the jewelry wire, some pliers, and made this:

I ran it through my die cutter as I would an impression plate.  I love the thin indentation I achieved with my custom embosser!

These are today's participating designers:
Clear and Simple Stamps


  1. wow! love the impressed tag, and the fact that you custom-made your wine-glass shape! that's crazy!

  2. Love all your projects and you are so very clever!!!!

  3. That glass is TRUE PERFECTION~wow!

  4. wow how amazing is that you created your own custom embosser, and done it so perfectly too! I also like the dots of glitter, looks so cool!

  5. I was just going to do a card with glitter splatter after you pinned a card with it. love the effect and all things glitter

  6. a custom impression- what a neat idea!!!!

  7. GET out!! That is just about the best idea ever!! LOVE the wine glass!

  8. What size of jewelry wire I'd you use for the embossing? I use 24-26g wire for my jewelry pin.


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