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Today a few of the gals from Clear and Simple Stamps are posting cards that sparkle and shine using the new Limited Edition Joy set (a gift for 2012 customers).

I made my card sparkle with glitter and one of the new CSS metallic envelopes:

My glittered flag is one-layer.  It was pretty easy to do, but in case you were not sure, I'm including a mini tutorial:
Die cut flag and cover in adhesive. I used CSS Simple Adhesive.

Cut off excess, and peel off protective sheet.

For each color, you will die cut a smaller flag from the protective sheet, adhere it back onto the sticky side, then add glitter.  In the photo above, I already did the outer layer, and am working on the middle one.  You can see where I die cut the smallest flag from the protective sheet and placed it where I wanted it. Once the green glitter was in place, I peeled off the flag so I could pour on the gold:
Peel off the last one, then adhere gold glitter to the center.

Here's the finished flag:

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Clear and Simple Stamps


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