Catching up...

Last week was concert week- 4 successful performances!  I was so busy, that I let my blogging and online presence slip- sorry!  That doesn't mean that I haven't been crafting.  In fact, I have been doing more, in my traditional crazy pre-holiday fashion.

In addition to the cards I share with you today, I knocked out about 70 Christmas cards for myself to send out. That brings this year's grand total to about 150 (in addition to the ones I send, I mail my mom cards to send, and a friend of mine sells some in her shop).

I blogged about my goal to CASE all of Kristina's holiday cards here.  Well...I made it! I am so proud- I got through all 25 days. It was fun!  Her style is different from mine, so I really enjoy the process of re-imagining her cards to suit my own aesthetic.

No explanations here- I have to get to bed soon! If I have time tomorrow, I'll do a product list at the end of the post.

inspired by Day 13

inspired by Day 14

inspired by Day 15

inspired by Day 16

inspired by Day 17

inspired by Day 18

inspired by Day 19

inspired by Day 20
 close-up detail of faux wax seal:

inspired by Day 21

inspired by Day 22
 ...and a variation with rhinestones:

This is taking longer than I expected...Days 23-25 will hopefully go up tomorrow!  Goodnight :)


  1. Wow! Awesome cards! My fave is the first one. So gorgeous!

  2. All kinds of gorgeousness going on here...The first one is my favorite!

  3. totally FAB! I have great respect for anyone that can achieve tone on tone and make it sing, like you have here :)

  4. Gulp - so much eye candy! Off to pin :)

  5. Texture texture texture! beautiful.... all of them!

  6. more beautiful cards! I love the first one...so lovely with white on white. The 2nd one is very sweet! The 3rd one is so neat with the various panels! The 4th one is very lovely with all the white and silver! And 5th card is soooo sweet! I love it so much! The whole design is so amazing! And the 6th card is so sweet too! The 7th one is very lovely! I love the woodgrain backround. ooh..the 8th one is beautiful with the wood pattern and the snowflake seal. The 9th one is beautiful with that elegant design! The 10th card is so lovely...the red bird is such a lovely touch! And the last one with the rhinestones...sooo sweet! Love the gems!

  7. I love your cards! Could you tell me what sentiment stamps you used please? Love them!


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