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Not only am I a guest for the Clean and Simple Card Making 2 class, but I also have the privilege of being a participant! It's only Day 3, and I have learned so much.

Today Jennifer McGuire shared some tips on gradient stamping.  I used 3 shadow inks from Hero Arts- the 2 feathers on the outside and the one in the center.  The other 2 feathers are a result of double inking.  I love how 3 colors that I might not typically put together all of a sudden seem harmonious on the card:

I made this while stamping at Jessica's tonight, and I have to admit that it took me an insanely long amount of time to execute.  I had to practice my gradient on a separate piece of paper, then measure out the spacing, then finally stamp it out.  But I'm really happy with the result!

My Utility Belt (tools I use often!)


  1. wow this is pretty awesome! Love the result you got with double stamping!!
    And I LOVE the sentiment! Super cool card.

  2. This is just so stunning Jen! I really thought it was several different inks rather than the gradient stamping effect! You totally rock this technique!!

  3. NO kidding, this looks smashing! Love the inking idea, you get a whole other color, and it automatically coordinates. Brilliant!

  4. Wow! Love this color combination! Great job!

  5. Striking colors and ones I would never have thought of using...terrific job!

  6. um i LOVE this!! so perfect! i just finished the videos for class days 1-3.....so excited to see what else you come up with!! rock on girl!

  7. I really love the gradient stamping technique, but couldn't bring myself to do it. It is crazy how time consuming the CAS is sometimes huh? I LOVE your card it is gorgeous!
    I tried the masking the other day and got so frustrated with smearing and smudging I had to just WALK away.HA!

  8. Hello, Lovely! (That's to both yourself & this ultra trendy, ├╝ber cool card!)

  9. Awesome stamping! I love this gradient, and it further convinces me that I need to check out the HA shadow inks.


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