Wednesday Wishlist

Here's what's on my wishlist this week! (learn about Wednesday Wishlists here)

I have volume one, and I love it!  When my husband and I eventually move out of our apartment and into a house, I hope to be able to design my dream craft room!

I swoon over every plaid card Laura makes.  I need to get in on the action!

Isn't Studio Calico awesome?

I currently have a standard track-based paper trimmer, but I only hear good things about guillotine trimmers! Does anyone have experience with these?

I don't have this size chomper yet!  I just want more corner-chomping options :)

This would look great as a negative die cut in a CAS card

What's on your wishlist this week?


  1. You are killing me with these wish lists! Your making me want things I never knew I wanted:) I don't even have that super stripes set! But I'm getting it if its the last thing I do! Thanks for the sweet shout out!

  2. Oh that memory box die is just shouting my name! Oh and I'm on my second guillotine cutter - love them. I've tried the paper cutter type but don't get the really clean edge I like but with the guillotine it's perfect every time. Only thing is it is a bit bulky but I will always make space for it.

  3. I love my guillotine trimmer, always makes the edges perfectly straight and even cuts through chipboard. And I agree with you on the plaid from Laura comment :))
    Looking forward to your new creations!
    Best wishes from Germany!

  4. LOVE the SC wood and the chipboard ones look cute, too! That die is pretty awesome. I probably need it. HA!

  5. I really don't need any more enabling, really! Now I think I need a guillotine paper trimmer, and a corner chomper, and that cute die, oh, and those stripes! Argh!

  6. Oh, I want that Creative Spaces! I've never seen it in stores at all though. But that's most likely a good thing. Because I would spend money I shouldn't be spending on it. hehe. I have those Super Stripes from PTI. I love them, but the thing is that they are SO loooong that you need a really long block to put them on if you don't want them to hang off the ends. And getting them to go on the block straight can be really hard. But there are so many things they can be used for. :)

  7. Meant to tell you that I have the 12x12 of that same paper trimmer and it's the best thing I ever bought! I can't recommend it enough! Now I'm looking for the best solution for scoring my cards.

  8. I'm enjoying this feature but it's causing my wish list to expand rapidly!!


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