Wednesday Wishlist

Time for another Wednesday Wishlist!

I've been taking the Clean and Simple Card Making 2 online card class, and have seen a few cards that used masking paper- I'm inspired to give it a try!

Specifically, the one in the upper-left corner.  I saw it was in this month's kit, and I just love it!  What a cool design!!

How have I not gotten these yet??

 I don't even make Valentine's Day cards for anyone, but the spirit of the holiday is making me want this set! (for the record, I buy those little kid valentines with Disney Princesses or superheroes on them to give to my work friends...along with candy of course, hehe)

What's on your wishlist this week?

PS. Thanks to everybody who gave me input a few weeks ago regarding a guillotine trimmer.  I bought this one, and I adore it!  I feel like such a pro now :)


  1. How do you know everything in my mind???

  2. I have two out of four-HA neon inks and SC papers. And they are my favourite too! I so want the the rest of the two. Spooky! You are a mind reader, Jennifer! lol!

  3. That stamp masking paper is awesome! I never had any luck using post its and such but once I got this stuff it made masking a breeze!

  4. If you want the best deal for masking tape, you should check out post-it labels. They are A4 size sheets with sticky back (more sticky than regular post-it notes) I use it to mask stamped images, or pretty much for any kind of masking.Here is a link:

    I have three of the Hero arts neon inks, and they are amazing! The quality is really good. They stamp perfectly and when I use them with a sponge applicator...they blend so well!! example (http://www.flickr.com/photos/75407310@N08/7653820204/in/photostream)

    yes, I just put a link to one of my cards!

  5. Hi Jen, I don't have the neon inks but their midtone inks in other colors are great...and yay on the new trimmer! I have those stamps if you need 'em! You will love it!

    Right now...actually not much on my wish list but I am waiting for the new Crate Paper line from Maggie Holmes to come out. :)


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