Craft Dash: Fail!

Jingle came over the other day for our weekly Wednesday craft night.   Sadly, Jess and Suzanne were unable to make it, so it was just the 2 of us.

The night was full of wigs, juicy jellybeans, Stamping Royalty entries, and goofiness! You'd think we were on something... hah!

Well anyway, I totally failed. My card was not finished in the 10 minutes allowed for the Craft Dash Challenge :(   At the last possible second, I needed to put some green on my card, so here's what I did...

Yikes.  Jennifer was so confused when she saw me tie up that green strip...and we think I may have started a new trend!

Of course, after the fact I went back and finished the card:

You can't really see the scoring detail, maybe it's a little clearer in this shot:

And now the most embarrassing part...showing you the video. Sorry for the bad lighting. For those of you who pay attention to my blog- yes- the wig is from my PAX costume! I'm running behind on sharing those photos with you, but when I get to it, it'll be worth it!

Watch at your own risk (we sound like annoying giggling girls at some parts! hehe)


  1. I wish I had a crafty friend nearby. Dashing would be so much more fun with crafty support :) Love the finished card and the new trend you've started ;)

  2. Beautiful card! And I like your new started trend.... ;)
    Thanks for joining us at the 10 Minute Craft Dash - hopefully we'll see you again soon:)

  3. I'm sad... I wanted to see the entire crafting world start to tie strips of paper to the corners of their card all because Jen Rsaza, the rock star, did it. HA! Your card turned out super cute! I like the green at the bottom. Totally works! And I still love the embossing!

  4. I want a local friend to do this with - so jealous!
    Thanks for joining us again at the 10 Minute Craft Dash!

  5. GREAT idea just TAPPING the mist instead of spraying!
    Fun card:) LOVE the video.

  6. P.S. I think it's fabulous to see, in my opinion, one of the card maker greats, NOT take herself TOO seriously.

  7. You guys still crack me up, even when there are just two of you!! I was in stitches at you tying your strip of green round the corner - hilarious!!! Love how the amended version turned out - I think the green makes much more sense there. ;-) Honk!!

  8. You gals always look like you are having FUN! Actually, I really like the wig you wore in the video!! :D
    ~ Meredith

  9. Gorgeous card, Jen! Love the glitter, it sparkled so brightly when you showed it on the video. It looks like you and Jingle had a great time. :-)

  10. Seriously, you're hilarious.

    I love the way the 'fixed' card turned out though! The strip of gold glitter is gorgeous! Thanks for playing with us again, I always love seeing your designs!

  11. Your card looked really great when you held it near the camera! The scoring, splatter and the glitter strip are neat details. I was cracking up seeing your last second decision to tie up the green strip of paper! :D To me, it looked like the ribbon you tie on a gift box.
    Thanks for sharing the video, enjoyed watching it.

  12. What a fun card! LOVE it!

    Thanks for playing with us at 10 Min craft dash!
    Good luck!

  13. Bwahahahah! Yes, that is me totally laughing from watching the video. I missed the other girls, but I'm so glad that deter you from still filming your crafty session!

    Jen, this card is beautiful. That strip of glitter is AMAZING and was a great way of adding the "kraft" color. Oh, and your trend? Yeah, it'll totally take off. ;)

    Thanks for playing once again in the 10 Minute Craft Dash! Hope you're enjoying your prize from your win last time!

  14. oh I love this post, especially the stamped D'Oh!


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