CSS Group Project - Stick To It

The theme of today's Clear and Simple Stamps group post is "Stick To It."  CSS carries some great adhesive in varying thicknesses, as well as full sheets!

Today I'll be showing you how to make a glittered cake embellishment for your card using the adhesive sheets.  First, the photos:

  1. Tape die to adhesive sheet.  The sheet has a slick coating, so I used clear tape instead of removable- washi tape and painter's tape were not strong enough to hold the die down.
  2. Score the line where you want the dark glitter (on the cake stand) to end, making sure to only cut through the top protective sheet.
  3. Peel off the bottom section of the die cut, and sprinkle on dark silver glitter.
  4. Once the glitter has been firmly adhered, peel the backing off of the top half.
  5. Lay down die cut border and trim ends
  6. Sprinkle with white glitter
That's it!  When I was done, I thought the purple was the wrong choice, so I ripped it off and changed it to white.  Now that I finished my card, I kind of wish it were purple again! haha...oh well!

This was a very difficult card to photograph, and definitely falls into the better-in-real-life category.  The glitter is so amazingly sparkly!! :)

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  1. Perfect for a modern wedding! I definitely think you made the right choice switching out the purple:) I hear you on trying to photograph glitter:) (Still think it looks awesome)

    Hope you have a great week girlie! Honk! XOXO

  2. This totally looks good enough to eat! I think switching purple for white was the right choice, but it does work either way! Awesome card Jen! Honk!

  3. So fun Jen!!! I need to get some of those sheets to use next.

  4. Love the card and technique! TFS!


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