Wednesday Wishlist

Sorry, I've been slacking on the wishlists...I've missed 2 weeks, but now I'm back!

Oh man, this set makes me laugh so much!  I love that there are animal silhouettes, not because animals are cute, but because animals are delicious! (sorry, vegetarians/vegans/other non-meat eaters)

Yes, please.  In every color :)

Small, sweet, and cheap! I love cheap, and I love saying "dude!"

I've been avoiding this one for a while.  Sequins always remind me of cheap sequined trim that my grandmother had with her sewing supplies.  And it smelled weird.  It also reminds me of my the heinously tacky dance costumes I wore when I was 3.  BUT...I've seen so many people do great things with sequins, that I can't hold off any longer.  I will be giving this trend a try!

Now I have a question for you.  What is your favorite black cardstock?  I need a true pitch black cardstock that is heavy enough for card bases, but not terribly expensive.  I like cheap.  Thanks bunches!!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I always like looking at your wish list. It's nice to know that there is someone else out there who doesn't have everything already. For black cardstock, I love PTI True Black. It is really black, nice and thick, and cheap. If you can go in on an order with some of your local friends, no shipping or tax, either.

  2. welcome back! I always like reading through your wish list! I did have to laugh at your comment on the Kelly Purkey stamp set! And the dude stamp looks pretty cool, so do the buttons...they look so yummy! I haven't used epoxy stickers yet, and the other day I was wishing I had some for one of my cards, maybe it is time to get them!
    I feel you on the sequins...they remind me of gaudy outfits, "not elegant" in my mother's view. But I do agree that others have done cool things with it.
    I too would love to know about good thick black card stock. Right now I use bazzill 12x12, they are the thickest I have found, but they are textured and not cheap!

  3. I'd say try the black cardstock in Bazzill's 'Card Shoppe' collection. I like it, but I can't remember right now if it's so incredible dark black... Sorry about that!

  4. K, so all of the stamps on your list today were on my "I might need 'em" list. LOL! I just got some sequins, but I got the flat ones. I think I need some faceted ones, too. HA!

  5. OH! And I've been using Bazzill Black Licorice card shoppe cardstock for the 'good stuff'. It's kind of expensive, though. I only use it for things that really need it. LOL!

  6. Hi Jen, I came by to tell you how much I enjoyed the video you made on using patterned paper (I'm behind in my classes obviously!) and how much I love that woodgrain popped-up rose card!

    I've been "collecting" PP for years and am going to do my best to use what I have, but I was drooling over the whole 6x6s that are out there now and already coordinated and that allows for making cards, as you said, "with your eyes shut!" Schweet! I'll be succumbing to those if I find I am spending too much time trying to match up my various manufacturers!

    I love the PTI true black BTW and thanks for the cool wish list share!

    Anyhoodle, great job on the video for class!! xxoo Darnell

  7. LOVE the enamel dots. I want all of them! I've been holding off on sequins too, but I'll admit to actually liking them (kinda like how I secretly like Miley Cyrus' songs, but only when I'm aloooone!). I like Basic Black CS from Stampin Up or the new card shoppe CS from Bazzill. I get the SU @ $9 for 50 sheets. Hope that helps :)

  8. Cute stuff! Sorry I am not much help, I just use Stampin' Up!s Basic Black cardstock. Hope you find something that makes you happy! :)
    ~ Meredith


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