birthday card AND a video!

As you may know, I'm trying to work on my video skillz (yes, I did just write that, lol!).  I cringe when I look at videos I made a year ago....not counting the craft dash ones though, because those were so much fun!  Note to self: do more timed videos :)

This weekend marked the tail end of my February break- I'm actually looking forward to going back to work tomorrow!  Time at home was fun, but I miss going to school.  However, I did have time to whip up 2 videos...this one, and another that you will see in a few weeks.

Sorry that it is kind of long...I was making the card up as I went along :)
(watch video below, or in HD on YouTube)

In case you don't want to watch the vid, the layout comes from Studio Calico's Sunday Sketch.  Have a great night!!


  1. Love the card and you video. You have a nice presence on camera, keep it up!

    In the beginning of the video, there is an rack on the wall holding ink pads next to your window. Where can I find something like that? It will work perfectly in my craft room!


  2. I love it! Great tip on the die cutting too, I'm going to have to try that! I'm jealous that you have February break. We had it when I was growing up, but there is no such thing in VA.

  3. Great video - love hearing you (not in a creepy stalker way!);D
    Love your card - those balloons are so very sweet! :)

  4. Looooooooove this!!!! Was so excited to see the LID Balloon Dies in action in your video! Your finished card is totally perfect and lovely! YAY! Love everything about this!
    p.s. so glad you mentioned the mess just outside the camera frame :) It made me feel better, LOL!

  5. I don't know why, but I always love watching videos from pro's... maybe because it takes me muuuch longer to make any card.
    Love your balloon card! It's funny, and also true what you said about the string of those balloons, but they may be just floating in the air, not attached to anything or anyone (this is just me defending the curly string that I love :)).

  6. This is a terrific card design. Your patterned papers look fabulous together. Thanks for all the tips on how you made it.
    Best wishes on your house search! Making a house into a home will be much more fun than grad school.

  7. Awesome card...need to still watch the video but I'm sure its great.

  8. Love your card and seeing you create it. Awesome video...so crisp and also fun just kind of get to know you. Thanks for sharing about the Michael heavy cardstock. Good luck with house hunting.

  9. This is SO adorable Jen! I'm loving the few stars scattered around the balloons! The balloons are so lovely too! Have a great day! :)

  10. I love to see you design as you go :)
    Awesome card!


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