SO happy to have time to play along with Taheerah's Cure for the Monday Blues challenge!  

This one was a particularly tough one for me, since I don't often mix patterns.  I had 2 other patterned papers on this card at one point which I eventually edited out.  Although not as bold of a statement as I had initially hoped to make, I still really love the result:

I made the background by quickly swiping a marker across some textured cardstock (from DCWV - sorry I couldn't find a link to add it to my product list).  I went with textured because I wanted to add some extra interest with the slightly jagged edges of each stripe - plus it looks and feels cool in person.  Goes with the textile nature of the inspiration image, right?! 

The sentiment is a rub-on, and if you look carefully you will see that the yellow strip has a striped pattern (see, so in the end I did kind of mix patterns! hehe)


  1. I love the final result, too. Looks like your edits were spot on.

  2. I just love how you make simple things stand out! The tag treatment for example, all those cords holding it---> awesome! love your hand-drawn striped background; its perfect for the photo.

  3. So do I...think you nailed it.

  4. Really cool! I love how you created that pattern, it's so bold and chunky and fun!

  5. Such a brilliant card! Can't believe you just drew the background stripes, what a genius idea!!!

  6. Well, challenges are meant to be challenging, right? *wink* I *SO* love your hand-painted stripes, they are perfectly imperfect! And your tag treatment with the subtle patterned paper behind is so awesome! Thanks so much for playing to Cure The Monday Blues!

  7. Oh I think this card makes a statement still! Awesome design! :)


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