Hey everyone!  Today is a Runway Inspired Challenge day, and here's the outfit I picked out for you, from Diane von Furstenberg's collection:

source: style.com

First of all, sorry for the sub-par photograph.  I've been trying to get myself out of my lightbox, and I'm still working on the lighting in my craft room!  

I was so excited to use these acrylic letters that I picked up at Michael's.  They are a translucent black (you can see the translucency in person).  I was inspired by the bold color and use of stripes in the dress.

Please visit the other designers, and I hope you choose to play along!

Guest Designer - Lorena Cant├│
Virginia-Yes, Virginia..
Pamela Ho - miao


  1. I was wondering what you used for the letters. Their translucence make them look so awesome! love your card!

  2. Oh cool cool *cool* Jen!! I had to zoom to see the effects of the letters (phone screen!) but I love the effect! Great bands of colour too. Awesome design!!

  3. Love this, Jen! That letters looks super cool! And subpar pic you say? You should see my subpar pics, ha!

  4. So FUN Jen!!! Love those translucent black letter...what a great accent! Fabulous always :)

  5. Rockin' the bold colours and awesome sentiment! :)

  6. Love the bold and graphic approach!! The shiny sentiment is the perfect touch! Beautifully done, Jen!

  7. Those letters look like fun! I love your interpretation of the photo.

  8. The colors are so bold and bright and look great with the semi-see through letters! :)


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