sugar rush

This is my second post today...to check out my PTI challenge card, scroll down or click HERE.

Below is my entry for the Cure for the Monday Blues challenge #4.  I still had some glitter on my desk, and it reminded me of the sugar on the little treats that are in the inspiration photo.

Somewhat related:  Have you ever eaten Trader Joe's Fruit Jellies?  Ohhhh man- the little sugar crystals and gummy candy are heavenly.

Well anyway, here's my card:

Have a great night! :)


  1. Um yes, I am quite familiar with those sweet treats, and now I'm hungry. Thanks a lot! Just kidding! I do love this card, love the glitter colors you chose, so pretty!

  2. Oh my! Much colour! Such glitter! Amaze.

    (Yes I've just been brushing up on Doge, does it show?).

    Back in normal wording now, ha! I love the gorgeous colours and glittered sugared coating on your medallion! Perfectly offset by that clean crisp card base with the embossed lines. My heart was so happy to see you enter my challenge again! Thanks so much for playing to Cure The Monday Blues!

  3. super pretty...love the glittery goodness!

  4. Beautiful card and just love the different colours of glitter. Its so sweet the glitter almost looks like sugar!!

  5. Hmm, love all the treatments you give to glitter :). So very beautiful. Congrats on your win.

  6. Wowza! And so super pretty! I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you do with glitter and this is no exception! So gorgeous!


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