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Today I am continuing my Guest Designer gig at Skipping Stones Designs.  I tried something new- misting (I got some misters in my Stamping Royalty prize pack- not something I would have purchased on my own, but I figured since I had them I'd give it a shot!).  I also wanted to join in on the fun at the Moxie Fab World.

I masked and sprayed onto some super thick canvas paper I have.  I think the result is quite cool, even though the card doesn't look like "me" (know what I mean?).  Here it is:

(I was inspired by this)

Now get out your SSD stamps and play along!


  1. Ooh misting on canvas...I need to give that a try! I really like your card, even if it doesn't look like "you" :)

  2. Absolutely STUNNING card! Wow!

  3. Love the effect of misting on canvas paper.

  4. Love the effect the misting gives to this card! Looks gorgeous! Love it!

  5. Awesome card. Looks like a winner to me!!

  6. Jennifer! Haha, such a small world! My mom read my blog entry to the Lawnscaping challenge that you guest designed on and said, that looks like Jenn Sills :) Your cards are beautiful! I'm gonna follow your blog. I thought you looked familiar, too, but didn't make the connection. Just thought it was cool that you're a music teacher :) visit my blog if you get a chance, it's very new and I've got ZERO followers, lol :) lisacraftstoo.typepad.com

  7. This is totally you! Trust me, I know you. I'm still confused on me, but you, I know very well!


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