a rare combination

Hey everyone! Have you heard about the new stamp release? Join us on September 2nd when MTE releases some awesome (and spooky!) stamps. I've got a little sneak for you today, using my new goodies :)

I LOVE these poison bottles. They are cute, and deadly (a rare combination).

Before you leave, I wanted to share a new painting inspired by Jessica, a very cute fashion blogger (who probably has about a gazillion followers).  I emailed it to her, and was so excited when I saw that she put it on her facebook page!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Cute and deadly....I likey! ;D
    Love your painting too - congrats on getting it featured!!! Wish I could be brave enought to dare to wear white trousers but I'm far too clumsy with food and drink to keep 'em clean! LOL!


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