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Well, grad school and homework and projects are finally over for the year.  Mini-vacations are done (with the exception of visiting my sweet infant niece Emily in NY this weekend).  I'm headed back to work next Monday, so this week I was hoping to catch up on stuff.  Crafting stuff, cleaning, blog visiting, posting, etc.

On yesterday's post, I forgot to mention the hilarious way that I was able to line up the multi-step flower stamping.  I'm a total spaz even with clear blocks when it comes to lining up stamps, so I often rely on my Stamp-a-ma-jig.   Well, I was crafting at Jessica's that day, and she doesn't have one. (BTW, after my generous birthday gift she does now!! I really just got it for her so I can use it at her place, lol).

Suzanne is a smarty and knew we could probably make one.  Brace yourselves for the most ghetto stamp-a-ma-jig ever.  It's made from 2 acrylic blocks taped together with scotch tape, and an old sheet of plastic from who-knows-what:

Oh yea- it takes 2 people to operate:

But you know what? It worked!

Speaking of Jessica and Suzanne (I sure do talk a lot about them now, don't I?  I just love having some amazing crafty friends nearby!), we went to a hilariously awesome event at our LSS 2 weekends ago: The 60 second crafty dash.  Jessica did a great post on it the other day, so if you want to read the details check it out.  We didn't win, but we had a great time:

(Jessica, Suzanne, and myself)

If you made it this far, your reward is a card.  Sorry for the long post ;)

I repeated the pots, but of course, one had a little accident :(  The fallen container leads your eye to the sentiment.  I'm submitting this card to the Moxie Fab World's Repetition Challenge.  I love the Card Design challenges Cath has posted so far!

Below are the Clear and Simple Stamps products I used on this card:


  1. What a fun time you had, and a super card, too. I just wanted to say that I made my own stampamajig-like device, too, because I am cheap and like a challenge. I used legos, of which I had many many! They are great for getting the right angle perfect, and you can just build it up in an interlocking way so it stays together.

  2. Fun post!!! Wish iwouldhave seen it before buying a stampamajig!!

  3. I love this Jennifer! Such a wonderful take on the challenge...I love the colors you used :)

  4. Ha, ha, ha, I enjoyed the whole thing! My stamp-a-ma-jig is also a bit Heath Robinson, so thanks for the reminder to get a real one! :0) The card was worth the wait! I love the ingenious way you've used repetition here it absolutely supports your sentiment and is very visually appealing!

  5. Pretty funny, Jen from your ghetto stamp a ma jig to the fallen pot. Fun and super cute card!

  6. Love the handmade stamp a ma jig...cracking up :) Was a glass of wine involved too? :) Your card is adorable...love the tipped vase!

  7. What fun! I love the ghetto stamp-a-ma-jig! LOL! Wish I lived closer (though not in a creepy stalker kinda way!)
    You totally rocked the repetition challenge, ROCKED it! So fabulous and clever! Awesome design!
    P.S I keep seeing the Mario Bros advert on TV...I think I need a 3DS! :)

  8. Super cute, fun and clever design. Cath is going to LOVE it! :)

  9. You girls are too cute! Looks like you have so much fun together!

  10. Looks like you had a blast! Wish I was closer! So fun!

  11. Oh yes, my generous gift was oh so generous!!! Thank you :) And I am so glad to have you nearby, too...I really love hanging out with you! Those pics crack me up :) And the card is really cute. It almost makes me laugh (is that okay? I mean, its not a sympathy card, right??)

  12. totally fun post...love your stamp-a-ma-jig...LOL....and your card..genius.

  13. I Love, love, LOVE this card! It made me say "awwwww" out loud!
    Thanks for always inspiring!

  14. Hey Jen! Thanks for linking this up to the Repetition Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)


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