Good morning!

Today there is a new Runway Inspired Challenge, sponsored by one of my favorite companies, WPlus9!  The very sweet Dawn sent us stamps to work with, and I was sent one from the newest release, Happy Harvest.

I picked out the inspiration image before I knew what stamp set I was getting, so I was a bit challenged when I had to use a distressed set with a very clean and structured outfit:

source: style.com

I love the blue, white and green floral in her top, so I stamped the sunflowers in those unconventional colors:

I kept the bottom of the card black because she has on black pants (yep, I'm getting literal again), and the orange band across matches her bag.

We have some great contributions from the design team:
Wida (August Guest)
Tasnim (August Guest)

If you play along, you just might win the $25 gift card to WPlus9!

Before I go, I want to tell you about my amazing weekend!  Two of my close friends, my mom, and one of her friends threw me a bachelorette party at Mohegan Sun, a casino not too far from where I live.  No, I'm not getting re-married...I was sick the week before my wedding (6 years ago!!) so I never had a bachelorette party.  We went down on Thursday morning, stayed overnight in a suite, and left Friday afternoon.   It was fun to gamble, drink, and stay up late ;)  I even came home with more money than when I left! I  was a pro at the craps table, hehe.

Then I went home with my mom (my husband Dave met us on Long Island on Saturday), we spent time with the family, and then went to my grandfather's 90th birthday party on Sunday.

On the way back home yesterday, we stopped at a shoe store in NY.  Not just any shoe store- I sold the owner some large watercolor paintings last year- and it was awesome seeing my work up in the real world! (they looked a lot more glamorous then when I was painting them on my living room floor....)

Cool, right?
(btw, you can find prints and a small original of those paintings in my etsy shop)



  1. First of all, your card is simply beautiful and elegant. I really like how you used the stamp set so creatively And came up with such a clean result. Second, your paintings are amazing! And they do look glamorous!

  2. WOW amazing drawings :D And I love those boots on the first image, 2nd shelf, far left XD

  3. Oh my gosh! How cool is that to have your artwork up in a shoe store! Must've been so fun for you, and to come home with more money than you left with is the icing on the cake!

  4. How awesome to see your art work! Looks gorgeous! And your bachelorette party...super fun! Love your beautiful card...the contrast on the black is fabulous.

  5. VERY cool! You are famous :) The paintings are so edgy and I love them :) They look really really professional, but no surprise there! You are talented in many ways, Jen. Oh and the card, hehe, you know I love it! I can't believe you didn't write about the pains to create it with your homemade stamp-a-majig! And share pictures ;) So stamping over here tomorrow night?

  6. Jennifer, your art work is so beautiful! I bet people buy shoes in that store JUST because they were inspired by your art. :-) Sounds like a wonderful week-end! And your card is gorgeous too. ;-)

  7. Firstly I love your literal take on the RIC challenge and I'm totally game for blue sunflowers!
    Secondly - holy cow! You've got some talent in those creative hands of yours! Your artwork is stunning and I bet you had to pinch yourself to see it in such a perfect setting!
    Your weekend sounded super fun! My kinda fun (combined with a Portal session of course LOL!)
    P.S I've got my eye on those cute suede, buckled boots to the side of you in the pic! ;D

  8. Love your perfect take on the inspiration!
    Congrats on your fabby shoe paintings! Your going to have to start taking noncommercial orders! ;)

  9. I just wanted to say that your polish t-shirt made me laugh out loud!! So cute and strange to see on someone who doesn't live around here- we have a ton of polish people in the area.

  10. Fantastic card and paintings Jennifer~wow!


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