a REAL look at my craft room (and a proud aunt!)

I love it when I'm online checking out blogs or browsing Pinterest, and I find photos that people post of their crafting spaces.  Their beautiful, perfect crafting spaces that could be (and sometimes are!) found on the pages of a magazine.

As much as I love drooling over their expertly organized storage, I also wonder....is that what their room always looks like?  I could be wrong, but I imagine 90% of the crafters out there create in total chaos (or is that just what I want to believe, since it often applies to me?)

So I decided to take spur-of-the moment photos of my craft room.  No tidying up.  No re-organizing.  No throwing out the stray paper that landed on the floor a week ago, and for some reason is still there.  

Here's the REAL look at my craft room.  I wish I could say that this was some kind of "before" picture, leading you to an amazing "after" photo.  But nope, what you see is what you get.  A lot of people have left comments or sent emails about my space, so I've labeled some things for ya:

(honestly, this isn't that bad.  It's usually worse. WAY worse) 

  1. A box that is bursting from the seams with prizes.  I need to host a giveaway stat!  
  2. Packing materials, blank canvases, and paper storage.  The only way I like organizing is by color.  The paper in these drawers (and my thread, ribbon, markers, colored pencils, embroidery floss, etc) are in rainbow-order.
  3. Sewing stuff.  I've got the thread, embroidery hoops, my sewing machine (with the cover on), and my exploding bin of fabric is in rolling bins under the black table.
  4. This is the miscellaneous storage.  I have my watercolor supplies (paints, pens, paper, brushes, etc), acrylic painting stuff, polymer clay, markers, crafting magazines/books, sewing notions, yarn, crochet hooks and knitting needles, and other random things.
  5. My photo studio.  I leave the light tent set up all the time under the table.  Clamped underneath the table on either side of the tent are 2 lights from the hardware store, with daylight bulbs.  When I take pictures of projects, I lay on the floor and take them here.
  6. Paper crafting stuff.  Stamps, inks, embossing folders, dies, embellishments, etc.
  7. Electronic Die Cutter.  I bought the Pazzles Inspiration back when it was the most inexpensive non-cartridge die cutter.  I would love to upgrade to the Silhouette one day, but I'm cheap and this thing still works.  

The other side of the room

  1. Since technically this is the "office" in our apartment, it's only fitting to have some actual office items in here.  Computer, printer, scanner, and more.  ("more" includes a bin of sheet music and the guitar amp that is laying down on top of it)
  2. Comics.  Because we're cool like that (ps. cool=dorky).  You can also find my viola, violin, flute, and electric guitar next to it.
  3. Jessica just gave me this to display the handmade cards I've received.  I didn't realize until now that I put all the cards on the same side. Hope it doesn't fall over!
  4. Sewing rotary cutting mat and ruler.  This is right next to my door-of-purses.  You can kind of see 2 of the bags sneaking in from out of the frame.
  5. Top shelf has copies of some of the magazines I've been published in, and 3D paper crafts that I don't know what to do with.  Do you have stuff like that too?
  6. I'm embarrassed to admit that this iron has been out for over a week.  I was working on a sewing project.
...which brings me to photos of my sewing project!  My sister-in-law gave birth a few weeks ago to my first niece, Emily!  Dave and I visited her and my brother last weekend, and it was so much fun!

I made her these cute little shoes and a stuffed elephant:

...and I can't end this post without showing you some sweet pictures of my husband Dave and I with Emily:

I'm a proud aunt :) 

after I told Dave "you need to look happier in the pictures!" he made this face, lol


  1. Jennifer, your craft space looks a lot like mine, only with a little bit more "stuff". :-) Yours may just look a bit tidier than mine, too. ;-)

    Emily is beautiful! Congratulations on your new niece! (I love Dave's "happy" face.)

    Do you have a pattern for those shoes and elephant? They're gorgeous, and I have a new niece who just totally NEEDS these.

  2. You have got mad sewing skills. I would be totally embarressed if I took a pic of my space right now. Overall, your space looks pretty darn good. The pic of your brother made me smile. Fun post :)

  3. Fab space Jen! And your sewing project is adorable, and rightfully so....little Emily is too precious. Congrats on becoming an Auntie!

  4. Oh my goodness!! What an awesome room you have to craft in!!! I'm laughing trying to picture you laying on the floor to take your pictures! Your sewing gift was amazing, but in the end, your beautiful baby niece stole the show:) She's adorable!

  5. I love your craftroom but that baby is the bees knees...you made perfect booties for that little princess :0

  6. Beautiful Craftroom!!!
    Congrats on being Aunt!! She is adorable!
    Love your sewing projects..Awesome!!

  7. I can't believe that you consider that to be a mess-you are clearly not a true messy person! Ha ha! Your craft space is immaculate compared to the mess I find on my table after making only one card!

    I am super jealous that you have such a fab craft space though, and so much stuff in it! One day Siân, one day!!

    You're niece is adorable! I'd be proud also :) those little shoes and elephant you made for her are perfect and just as adorable as she is!! :)

  8. Your room is awesome! And I love that you totally showed off your REAL room! I'm pinning it. Hope that's cool! LOL! The shoes and elephant are TOO CUTE!!! I really need to learn how to use my stinking sewing machine! LOL!

  9. Well if you've looked on my blog you've seen what my space looks like-- and I spy floor in your room, you're doing well!!! Love the elephant :)

  10. Those are some swanky booties and I love them! I also laughed seeing Dave's face in the last one. Your room is perfect, Jen!!! I love seeing where all your creating goes on...:) where all the magic happens!

  11. How fun looking at your craft space! It looks like a wonderfully happy place in which to create. :) The first thing that caught my eye was your poster for A Perfect Circle--yay! I even had to show it to my hubby. I'm kind of a fan. ;)
    I can't believe you made those adorable little shoes and elephant! Oh wait, yes I can. They are so fun! Enjoy your new little niece!

  12. Such a FUN post...love seeing where you create and I totally love when you post your sewing projects...good grief, those little shoes and ellie are tooooooo SWEET

  13. Wow, you are not only amazing at card making, but also sewing! The baby shoe is adorable!

  14. - Way to keep it real! If it makes you feel any better, I think your version of messy is cleaner than my version of tidy.

    - My ghetto light tent (embroidery hoop, white fabric, and lights) has a permanent home on the top shelf of one of those big box store bookshelves, so my 3D items tend to get stashed on the shelf right below it in a big jumble.
    - Congratulations to the entire family! Meeting a new niece or nephew really is the next best thing to meeting your own kids.

    - As an occasional seamstress, can I just say how much I love that you made sure the damask pattern lined up on the little shoes? That's the kind of detail that elevates a project from handicraft to craft. The color and pattern choices are fantastic too. Emily is going to be one stylin' little girl.

  15. Oh can I come and play in your room?! ;D
    I love that you showed us your real room - it's kinda similar to mine! I always keep my photo tent set up - it lives on top of my shelves :)
    Your niece is soooooooo lucky to have such a talented aunt! Those gifts are soooo sweet!

  16. Those little shoes are amazing!!! So so cute - as is the elephant. :)
    Love seeing your craft space and glad that mine is not the only one that's never magazine ready! :)

  17. Shut the front door with them darling shoes and elephant!! I've gotta put this on my list of things to sew!


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