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Have you ever been to a beer tasting?  I've never been to an "official one" (do they even have those?).....although a few times my friends and I have gotten a bunch of different beers that we never tried before so we can all give them a taste.  I think it would be fun to hold a beer tasting party, where every guest brings a different 6 pack.  That idea inspired this:

The beer bottle is covered in glossy accents to give it some shine.   All products are from CSS, listed below. Hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. I'd certainly be game for a beer tasting session! My guy and I went to a brewery in Canada once which had lots of samples....I can't remember much about it though! ;D
    Fabulous use of that ray stamp!

  2. They actually do have official beer tastings! You've been to the Sam Adams brewery in Jamacia Plain, right? Its free and you get to try like 4 beers and get a free glass. Also, they do it at the Nashoba valley winery...maybe you'll have to try it out on Sunday! So I'm loving what you do with the sunburst, it really makes that beer bottle stand out. And I think its a great idea to have friends over and bring different beers, I think they'll like it!


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