Masculine Christmas

I know...Christmas? I'm getting a (*huge*) headstart on Christmas 2011. A new challenge blog, Jingle Bells, is having weekly holiday themes all year. The goal is to have a bunch of cards done by December...I hope I follow through! The card I made incorporates the challenge of "something old/something new." For the old: colored paper strips were cut from scraps of cardstock I had in my ever-growing scrap boxes. For the new: I used a new white pen (my husband put gelly pens in my stocking this year! Woohoo!), and the thread is new too. I had just recently finished the last of my white thread before the holidays. Now- I have to be honest- I'm not in love with this card, and considered not posting it. It only made it to the blog since I don't often make masculine cards, and I wanted some variety.


  1. ok, i cannot imagine what you don't love about this--it's clean, it's graphic, it's bold and colorful and masculine and even if it WAS NOT all of those things...it's a HAND MADE CHRISTMAS CARD!!!!!!! but i can relate to the feeling of having something just NOT be what you want it to be at the moment, so i totally applaud you for posting it anyway, well done you!!! thanks for joining the fun at jingle belles, too--more is definitely merrier! :)

  2. I love the clean graphic feel to this design ... and such fun, yet unexpected colors for a holiday greeting ... I for one would love finding this in my mailbox ... thanks so much for joining our jingle belles fun.

  3. I love your masculine card!!! I'm glad that you posted it!!

  4. I for one am glad you posted this beauty! I love how you used the paper strips and I heart the sewing!! It adds so much! I must remember to add that to my next card.


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