Snow Day!

I got a wonderful call yesterday. It was my superintendent, announcing that tomorrow (which is today) school will be closed on account of snow! I always get that same joyous feeling I did as a kid when school was cancelled. I love my job, but who doesn't love staying home? Especially when it makes extra time in the day for crafting!

This card is for the 2nd Jingle Belles challenge, "Have Yourself a Merry LITTLE Christmas." I'm still not completely sure of what "inchies" are, but from the way the challenge is described, it seems like they are just paper/cardstock that measures 1" square. I cut 5 squares each in 2 colors, and lined them up on the bottom of the card:

Christmas card count for 2011: 2


  1. yep, you've got "inchies" exactly right, missus! they really are basically nothing more than 1x1 inch squares; either decorated & traded...or used in bigger projects... for papercrafting! (& twinchies are the 2x2" version!)

    this card is definitely a beautiful & clever use of said squares; it took me several admiring glances to realize there's NO PATTERNED PAPER here...merely card stock, one stamp and a tiny piece of ribbon; and yet the color & design have ♥MAXIMUM♥ impact! (wow!)

  2. wowza girl...striking & bold card...I love it and I agree with Lauren...wow, way to rock a card without patterned paper...sheesh, that would be a challenge for me:)

  3. Love your card - I was checking out your site a few days ago! Thanks for your comments on my blog and for becoming a follower!

  4. You are oh-so-correct on what an inchie is ... and you totally rocked this challenge ... who knew inchies could make such an adorable border ... this card is so vibrant and classy. Thanks so much for joining our Jingle Belles fun.


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