My husband is brilliant

For this week's One-Layer Wednesday, the challenge is to incorporate a bare tree. I loooooved the look of the white outline on kraft, then added my sentiment. This is where I hit a creativity block. I still needed one more thing, and since this is a one-layer card, my options were limited. I told my husband that I wanted a bird, and he said "why don't you just cut it out of the card?" BRILLIANT! I used my trusty xacto knife to carve out the bird silhouette, and it was the perfect addition. I think the vacant image fits so well with the sentiment too, because the bird is not really there, hence the "missing." (did I go too far with that concept? haha)


  1. Love this card! I think the concept is perfect. The "missing" bird, missing you, perfect. Great CAS card. :)

  2. How cool...and what a great hubby you have! Love it when my hubby offers input (well, most of the time! lOL!)Beautifully done!

  3. I adore white on craft too!

    And how clever is the bird cut out!

    Great job on the challenge and thanks for playing along with OLW36!

  4. Just brilliant - love the cut out bird. Fab tree stamp too.

  5. Terrific card! The 'missing' bird is so perfect!

  6. What a clever husband you have! Perfect finish to this card, although I can't imagine how you wielded that xacto knife so perfectly.

  7. You're right! That bird cut-out IS brilliant! Hang on to that guy, he's a keeper! ;o)


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