It feels good to be back in the swing of non-Christmas crafting. I went back to work today after having the week off, and it wasn't as hard as I expected. Well, except for the alarm going off...I hate that thing! My husband always says I can't complain since I get so many days off during the year...I guess he's right. I'm lucky to have such a great job!

I made this card for the challenge at CASE Study. I was really inspired by Nina's card, so much that I took many elements from hers and incorporated it into mine. The color scheme, layout, and subject matter are pretty much what she had.

I put the die cut chair on with foam adhesive, and used white embossing powder for the chandeliers. By the way, I made the most amazing discovery last night while assembling this card! I always get reaaaaaly frustrated with the small little flecks of embossing powder that get everywhere when I use the white. I used to never be able to get rid of them! I would try to gently brush them away, but that never worked great. I tried anti-static dryer sheets, but it
didn't work either. And while in the craft store, I could never find the little anti-static products made just for this purpose. So I pretty much avoided the white embossing powder, until I learned that cornstarch works to keep those stray powders away! I just put some on the paper, stamp and emboss as usual, then brush away the cornstarch. Works perfectly every time! Maybe you already knew that, or have a trick of your own, but I figured mine was worth sharing-especially if someone out there reading this suffered from the same problems as me!

So anyway....here's the card:


  1. This is beautiful! I love those stripes of ribbon at the top. And cornstarch! Brilliant! I use my anti-static pillow thing that's supposed to be made for just that purpose, but I wouldn't say it works great. Thanks for the tip, and thanks for playing along with us at CASE Study!

  2. brillant take on Nina's card! I agree with Cristina, the rows of ribbon and bows are stunning!! Thanks for sharing at CASE study! :)

  3. Oh, this is gorgeous, Jennifer! Thank you so much for playing along with us! xxx

  4. This is very cute! I'd be more than happy to receive this as a gift, its beautiful!


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