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Good morning!  Today a few of the girls from Clear and Simple Stamps are posting projects inspired by the Oscars!

I was inspired by Les Miserables. I adore the costume design, the colors, and the look of the movie. I was particularly drawn to this image:

I like the angle created between them and the stone-colored background.

I also enjoyed this clip about the costume design, in case you are interested:


Today you will also find projects from...
JJ Bolton - Guest Designer
Clear and Simple Stamps

My Utility Belt (tools I use often!)


  1. Was unable to see you Les Miz inspiration but love your hello card. Black and red and white. You just can't beat it. Thanks for more inspiration.

  2. what a neat simple design. fabulous work as always, Jennifer!

  3. I couldn't see your inspiration photo either, but your card is so striking!

  4. Stunning card Jen, love how you drew inspiration from the curves and angles in the photo - I would never have thought of that! Love your bold graphic result!

  5. Great take on the inspiration photo! Your colors and angles are perfect! Thanks for sharing :) On a side note, I just finished a Casadia card, and wanted to thank you for helping to start such a fun chain! Have a great week :)

  6. Mmmmmm Hugh Jackman.....oops! Sorry got a litte distracted there! ;D
    Fabulous, graphic take on the Les Mis scene!

  7. Absolutely stunning design! This is just awesome!

  8. Awesome card! Love the colors and love how you were inspired!!

  9. Oh wow, Jen! This is so bold and beautiful!! I love the design with the diagonal placement of the stripes.

  10. Awesome card!! Love where you took your inspiration!! I finally caught up on the videos from clean and simple 2 and LOVED yours!!! Great tip for using the stamp positioner, too!! I have put that one to good use :) thanks!!

  11. Stopped me in my tracks! Can't get enough of angles at the moment :)

  12. Wow, that is some amazing interpretation! LOVE it so much, Jen! Hubby and I love Les Miserables so much that we actually saw the Broadway show in London back in 2010! Now he has to see the movie,of course, after seeing the movie...he said Russel Crowe was not as bad as he thought (LOL)!

  13. This is AWESOME~FANTASTIC movement and colors Jennifer. Perfect placement too~


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