Wednesday Wishlist

Hooray for a new Wednesday Wishlist!

I already have a lot of watercoloring brushes, but this one is so cool! I've seen a lot of bloggers do different techniques with these brushes, so I'm itching to give it a try.

I hear this is the best thing to cut on...anyone have it? My worry is that it seems to take up a lot of space- I've been losing real estate on my craft table recently!

Arrows are so cool. That is all :)

Speaking of Lifestyle Crafts, I'm intrigued by these washi tape sheets.  It seems cool, but then I think, "what makes this better than patterned paper?" I guess the transparency. I'd love to give these a try to see how I like them!

I really love a lot of the exclusive SSS stamps and dies.  Are they all designed by Kristina Werner? I know she at least designs some of them.  I love the versatility of the sentiments in this set, as well as the fonts (some of which appear to be her signature handwriting).  

This one's an oldie but goodie.  I've had my eye on it a while, and every time I think to place an order, it's sold out! It must be pretty popular.  I'll get it one of these days.... (along with some more Oatmeal Cardstock- I love it!)

What's on your wishlist this week?


  1. Another goodie!! By the way, I got one of those Teflon bone folders. LOVE IT SO MUCH! It really doesn't leave a sheen like they all said, too! Need that water brush and those dies and those stamps.

  2. I have that brush. It is awesome. I really want the arrow dies and the washi sheets. I saw Julie using it on her card in her video and I added it to my wishlist as well.
    No idea about the Tonic Glass Mat. I have the Wplus9 stamp set but not yet used. Got to get it out and use it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention:)

  3. I love these posts. :-)

    On my list this week - some real fundamentals that I don't know how I've lived without - a 1" circle punch and a circle cutter! I also really want that envelope punch thing to hurry up and come out already, and some of those new Lawn Fawn stamps that are out later this month! I'm pretty sure there are some other stamps and dies in there as well, but they will have to wait. :-)


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