CSS Review Day 4

Clear and Simple Stamps has been reviewing the latest Collection 6 release this week, and we are at day 4!

I used the new alphabet stamps to create versatile sentiments- "yay" and "hooray" could work for a birthday card, congrats card, graduation card, etc.  I don't have anyone to give these to yet, but they'll be good to keep on hand.

I'm totally loving the color combo, and I dug up some embroidery floss to match.  (I have SO many colors. Many of which are from my junior-high-friendship-bracelet-making days.  I love using them in lieu of twine or ribbon on my cards)

My DT friends are sharing projects today too...check it:
Guest Designer JJ
Clear and Simple Stamps

My Utility Belt (tools I use often!)


  1. ha ha - friendship bracelets! that brought me back... love your 5-point star and the airmail stripes at the bottom of your card!

  2. Love these Jen - the colour combo is awesome and I love the 3D cardstock embellishments you created!

  3. Very cool stuff Ms. Rzasa! Love the bold colors and graphics! And the font of those alpha stamps is PERFECT! Awesome!

  4. I love this! What an awesome card! I love that star!

  5. I too love the color combo! And I am loving the faceted star and banners, so cool!

  6. So fun! Love the raised, faceted look on the die cut pieces.

  7. Wou! Love it. How you made the star?


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