Wednesday Wishlist

I'm back this week with another Wednesday Wishlist!!

I don't own a letterpress, but I'm betting this is some luxuriously thick paper.  The description says it's good with embossing folders, so I'd want to give it a try!

Flair is in. Flair is trendy!  I'm so excited to be getting to play with some of Joscelyn's flair soon!! :)  I'm also swooning over these two flair-inspired sets from Technique Tuesday:

Wood Veneer
You can pretty much guarantee that wood veneer is ALWAYS on my wishlist.  I'm currently into these from Studio Calico:

I'm so proud of my friend Laurie!  She has recently revealed a project she's been working on for a while- a die that allows you to hang your homemade card on the outside of a gift bag. Clever, eh?


  1. I agree with that card hanger! Freakin brilliant. She should win idea of the year for that one. Gotta have.

  2. I was reading along thinking how fun your wish list was and then WOW! There's my die! Yay!! I am so glad you like it! I hope to be getting a new shipment in soon!!

  3. Can't say/don't know much about the products, but I LOVE your new site banner!!


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