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(this is my second post today...for my Clear and Simple Stamps review post, please scroll down!)

Well, they ended up cancelling school completely today because the governor declared a state of emergency.  The roads are only now starting to get bad, so I think we could have gotten away with that half- day that was originally planned!

Luckily, the extra time at home gave me the chance to whip up a card for yesterday's Clean and Simple Card Making lesson (pssst!!  My first ever instructional video is being featured in class today!! yay!)

Yesterday's lesson was all about texture- I used an embossing folder and glitter to add texture to my card.  I was so excited to try out the Stamp 'N Bond powder I got from Tasnim yesterday- it worked perfectly!!  I love how I now have a more painless way to get glitter onto my projects.

My Utility Belt (tools I use often!)


  1. Beautiful card, really like the design! I am wondering how you got a gradient with glitter! If you used two or three glitter colors, then that is just brilliant and really detailed work! You know, I haven't been quite successful with this technique, maybe I should get the same brand heat'n stick powder :)

  2. fabulous card!! and enjoyed your tutorial video and card in today's class :) hope the snow clears up for you :)

  3. congrats on the unexpected day off!

    the card is gorgeous!

  4. Fabulous card - and kudos on the video - it was great, I really enjoyed it. I'm rediscovering lost techniques too - I've had that sticky stuff ep for years and totally forgot about it!! Yay for glitter!!

  5. What a gorgeous heart -- looks snow capped [appropriately ;)]

  6. Love this sugar-coated heart! This card is all-over awesome - definitely full of awesome texture. :-)

    I really enjoyed your video in class today Jen - your card was awesome and you explained it so well! Was great to put a voice to you as well!!

  7. This is STUNNING! OMG You did a fantastic job today. I'm sure you know your interactive card was my fave out of all the cards. and I am not just being bias...you had me with interactive. I made a card today, but omg it had to be the hardest interactive card I have ever made...my stupid bandaid kept getting in the way. Anyway fab job today. loved it

  8. Ooh, I love the birch background, and the gradient of glitter looks fantastic!


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