The best day ever

Today was an amazing day!

  • The kids were awesome at work.  Every. Single. Class.  If you are a teacher, you know how rare that is!! (especially elementary!!) They were well-behaved, focused, willing and ready to learn. Hooray! :)
  • My private piano students did great in their lessons too.  
  • I came home to happy mail from Tasnim!!  She really is the sweetest.  I recently won a giveaway she had on her blog (visit it if you've never been there before- everything is amazing).  Now check out what she sent me:

Can she read my mind or what?!?  In addition to the awesome dies, stamp n' bond powder, blending tool, and homemade card, she got me a water brush!!  YES- the very thing I put in my wishlist yesterday!  It's like she KNEW! (Tasnim, you are such a smartie!!)

  • After the happy mail from Tasnim, I got some virtual happy mail from Susan Opel! Thanks Susan!!! :)
  • I just got an automated call from the superintendent...we have an early dismissal tomorrow due to the incoming snow storm.  I'm so happy that (at this point) it's not a full day off- that way we don't have to make it up in June! :)

See...I told you this was the best day ever!


  1. Jennifer, I can feel your excitement! And I'm so excited for you! That sounds like the most awesomely super best day ever! :-)

  2. I love best days ever! Tasnim is just the sweetest thing ever! The water brush looks amazing along with those dies!

  3. LOL, that was me above. My son was logged in wtih his teachers profile for a homework assignment and I forgot to change the settings. ooops!

  4. I totally can relate to the kiddos....it is pretty rare to have ALL of the students behave...hee hee!! Awesome happy mail from Miss Tasnim and Susan....woot woot!!! Hope all is well.....

  5. So happy to hear that you have/had a happy day! GREAT students, awesome mail/e-mail....YAY!! I am happy, too!

  6. wow thanks for the mention Jennifer!
    I was surprised to see my card in your blog! I am glad you had such an exciting day! Best thing before this incoming storm!

  7. sounds like thee perfect day!

    Congrats on the happy email:)

  8. wow, I'm a teacher and know that a day of all kids paying attention is rare! Glad you won't have to make up a day in June too, we don't have that in the UK, but then again we rarely have snow days :)

  9. Tasnim is a talent and a sweetheart. sounds like a great day!!


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