Wednesday Wishlist

I really like the colors in this collection, and I NEED to have that navy, green, and blue striped paper.  Love it!

Amy convinced me that I want to give this ink a try!

...and the whole Lil' Inker DT convinced me that I want to give this a try!!

Lil' Inker Designs Darling Diamonds Stamp Set
While we're there, I want this too- solely because of Debby's card :)

I'm so glad that neon is "in."  I've always been a fan, even when it wasn't cool!  The cord doesn't seem to be super bright in-your-face neon, but I still like it :)

Maya Road Stamps:
I saw these stamps the other day when I was at my LSS with Jessica and Jennifer, and was this close (my fingers are being held close together when I say that, promise!) to buying them.

What's on your wishlist this week?


  1. I shoud just compile my wishlist based on your Jen - you already know everything I want! *wink*

  2. Everything looks awesome in this wish list! I do think I need to try some good white pigment ink. and there is something I have been looking at...Dymo label embosser. It looks so cool! Not sure how much I would user it though...

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with your Wednesday Wishlist, Jen! I love that you give me great new ideas and show me new products. I hate that my wishlist gets so much longer and I can't buy it all at once, LOL!

    I love those Lil' Inker Designs stampsets too, the Darling Diamonds for the same reason as you, Debby did magic with it!

  4. I love this feature:)

    Curious to hear more about the white ink!

  5. The new Lil' Inker stamps have caught my eye, too! WAY FUN!!! I got the Hemptique neon hemp...it's pretty fun...the cord is a bit different...the colors look a bit truer, actually.

  6. Obviously got the LID sets (glad you like them as they are awesome), got the Hemptique too ..... those camera stamps would be just perfect for the Moxie Fab camera craze challenge ...... I can feel an order in my near future!


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