CSS Spread the Love Campaign

Today Clear and Simple Stamps is launching the "Spread the Love" Campaign.  You can find out more about it below:

There are 6 color schemes to work with, which you can find on the CSS blog.  Here's the one I chose to work with:

...and here's my project- not a card, but rather something that you could hang up on the wall!

Now you might be wondering...who's my blog crush?  It's Katie Rodgers, from Paperfashion.  She's a local Boston artist, who works in my favorite medium (other than paper, of course)- watercolor!  She's not afraid to add glitter and sequins to her paintings, which I love.   My favorite is probably this one.

I used my CSS stamps to get started, by stamping a jar and flowers in a very light ink:

can you even see it? 

I then watercolored the image using the stamped image as a guide.

To accent the painting, I outlined it with a glue pen and threw on some gold glitter.

There will be some team members posting today, and some throughout the week.  I hope you play along for your chance to win!


  1. Wow, Jen, the artist in you really shines through in this card! So beautiful! Love the idea of the Spread the Love campaign, but how to choose only ONE crush? ;-)

  2. Um, this card is stunning!! Not only the glitter but man, you attention to detail with that stunning watercolouring? I'm dumbfounded!! You are most certainly an artist!!

  3. This card is SO beautiful! Your water coloring is amazing!! Seeing it makes me want to learn it! Love the unexpected glitter detail!

  4. oh my, this is a stunner. stick a happy birthday message on it and Send it to me!!! My birthday is March 4!! I lov this!

  5. beautiful creation, love that it is a piece of work you can hang up-the flowers are beautiful.

  6. Wow, what a talent you have! The gold glitter is such a fabulous touch. Thanks for the link to Katie's blog, too. It's always fun discovering local artists!

  7. WOW Jennifer! Had to comment because this is STUNNING. I'm inspired!

  8. This is amazing! I love the watercoloring, this is gorgeous!

  9. This is gorgeous. For reals this should be framed.

  10. Oh my goodness, I can't tell you how lovely I think this is. Wonderful job.

  11. Ummm... WOW! This is amazing!!!!

  12. This is incredible! Love the artsy feel of it!

  13. Wow, Jen, this is stunning! Your watercolouring is amazing and the glitter outline rocks!


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