Chestnuts Roasting

This month I get to be a guest designer with Fresh Squeezed Stamps!  Today's card uses this fun set you see below, "Subway Series: Holidays"  

I'm starting to realize that if I don't start churning out holiday cards, I might not have enough by Christmas!  So I skipped over Thanksgiving entirely, and made this fun and sparkly card:

I love how perfectly the words fit on my die cut tag- well...almost.   I selectively inked the stamp, leaving out the bottom line because it was slightly too tall.  But you'd never know, right?  I think it looks so cute!

If you want to see more, please visit the Fresh Squeezed Stamps blog- it's great!


  1. This is an awesome card, I love the bright colors paired with Kraft! I'm ashamed to admit I don't send out holiday cards....

  2. I sooooooooo LURVE this card!!!!! That is all.

  3. Traditional colours with the magic sparkles of Christmas - love it! Super clever selective inking too - looks like the stamp fits the tag perfectly! ;D

  4. Looks perfect on that tag! Love the bright border too!

  5. You're right, I never would have noticed the last line was missing! I love that glitter frame you created...this card definitely sparkles!

  6. Oh we will make sure you have enough! This card is AWESOME! I love it!!!! May I borrow this set sometime? I LOVE it!!!!


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