More Holiday Cards

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I have 2 more holiday cards to share today!  My mom is one lucky lady, because all the ones I make are going to her!  I figured I'd make cards for her to give out first, then worry about my own when the time comes.  I'm trying to convince Dave that we should give photo cards this year- not only because they are cute, but because it's less work!  Laziness...that's the spirit of the holidays, right?  :)

The first card is inspired by Kristina's Day 4 holiday card.  (Check out this post if you want to know more about what I"m doing).  I kept mine one layer, with 2 neutral colors plus red.  And rhinestones.  And snow.  And, I added a wavy line like her card has:
Other than the aforementioned similarities, I think it gives off a totally different vibe.

Next up is a card inspired by Day 5.

Those sparkly letters mean this card is going to Cath's Alphabet Stickers challenge in the Moxie Fab World. I know I wasn't particularly clever in my use of the stickers, but I love how the shine in the glitter works with the shine in the foiled paper.


  1. These are wonderful...your Mom is lucky!

    I'm with you on the laziness factor...I didn't even send out any last year...gasp.

  2. Beautiful cards Jen! I especially love the design of the first one! So modern and serene:)

  3. I love both these cards, Jen! Your mom sure is lucky to receive these gorgeous cards! Was your mom safe from the storm? If I remember correctly, she lives near NY, right? I hope all are okay. It looked a bit scary from this side of the world.

  4. The glittery letters are so perfect for your holiday design.

  5. wow Jennifer! I love these cards! The first one is so elegant and gorgeous! I love it! And the second one is so stunning! I love those large letters!


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