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This is my 2nd post today- for my Runway Inspired Challenge post, please scroll down!

Today is group project day over at Clear and Simple Stamps!  The challenge this time was to make a card kit- one that would make it easy for the recipient to make a fabulous set of cards!

My kit is packaged up in a clear box, and topped off with a tag.

Above are the components in the kit- Pre-folded card bases, envelopes, sentiment banners, and cardstock cut to size.  Below you can see the sentiments and die cut butterflies in one of CSS's clear plastic bags:

I included an instruction card with a photo of the finished project so that the recipient knows how to assemble it.  Super easy!

...and here is the finished card:

The kit makes 4 of this design- one in green, one pink, one grey, and one yellow.

Thanks for visiting, and you can see what the other designers did by clicking the links below!
Clear and Simple Stamps


  1. This turned out really great, Jen! I love how the black truly makes the green patterned paper pop, the written directions were the perfect addition to the kit!

  2. Ok, wow! I love your design and love the photo card with instructions! What a fabulous gift to give to someone!

  3. I absolutley love this idea - thank you ladies for sharing your ideas!! This is a beautiful card design!!

  4. this is just beautiful. Your talent is just amazing.

  5. OK the instruction sheet is genius! What a fun gift and I love LOVE that card! The white butterfly is so pretty!

  6. Wow, so gorgeous Jen!! Love the touch of the instructions, too.

  7. Your photos of this are lovely... perfectly chic with a hint of modern. Great job, Jen!

  8. Awesome idea! Your kit is so elegant!

  9. Love this set, I have been wanting to do this for a while, but couldn't get my mind around it. I love the simple cleaness of this set. I think i will follow suit. Thanks again, as always, for sharing your talent with us :)


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