CSS Release Day 4

Today is going to be an awesome day! No, not because it's the 4th day of the new release from Clear and Simple Stamps (although that IS awesome!), but it's because Dave and I will be at New York Comic Con today!  Be on the lookout for my costume post within the next few days....

When I found out what products were being released today, I thought it was the perfect coincidence- CSS has a few amazing comic book-related sets now!!  I knew I HAD to get my hands on them :)

In honor of Comic Con, I made some cool pins on a fun display card:

Here's the back- you can see how I attached the pins

I made them by die cutting lots (sorry- I don't remember the exact number!) of those bursts.  I glued them all together in a neat stack, then used my glue gun to attach the pin back.  Before I wear them, I think I'll dip them into some Mod Podge to seal them- I didn't have time to do that yet because I have been working on my costume!!

You can see more (including the new Rag Dolls) by visiting the DT:
Audrey (Guest Designer)
Clear and Simple Stamps


  1. POW! Holy smokes! This project is awesome and I'm happy to let you know how envious I am that you're at Comic Con...! Pictures please! :)

  2. So cool, love the effect. Have fun!

  3. Wow! Love the pins and the display card! Such a cool idea! I can't wait to see your costume, have fun!

  4. hahhaha this is so awesome on so many different levels XD

  5. What a cool idea! I can't wait to see your Comic Con pics!

  6. Costume? Shut up! I can't wait to see what you made. Awesome PINS. Brilliant idea. Are they part of the costume, I wonder. Love the multi-colored background. That is genius!

  7. I am SO excited about the comic themed stamps! My oldest son LOVES comic books so of course I had to order them all! He would love to go to Comic Con! Love your pins and can't wait to see your costume post! :)

  8. Fabulous idea! Love the multicolored background you made to showcase the pins.

  9. Such a cool card Jennifer! What is the comic book in the backround?

  10. Fantastic idea! I love the color you achieved with the background stamp too.


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