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So, what do you think of the Clear and Simple Stamps Collection 7 release?  Last week everything was revealed, and this week we are doing an Instant Replay!

I made a cute little cookies and milk set using some of the great stuff from the Foodie Fun series:

The cookies in the fry box barely got photographed before I ate them all up!  I considered it my reward for a crafty job well done :)

I knew that sticking delicious, buttery cookies into a cardstock container would result in grease spots, so I cut a parchment paper liner using the same Fry Box die:

Instead of trimming it down, I allowed the liner to pop up so it was visible at the top.  I also used parchment paper for the milk glass.

Thanks so much for visiting!

Clear and Simple Stamps

My Utility Belt (tools I use often!)


  1. adorable! I love the card, with the heart-chocolate-chips on the cookie - so cute!

  2. Brilliant idea to create an inner box of parchment! This is adorable! And now I want cookies.

  3. Adorable ensemble! I love the heart chips on the cookie and the parchment lining is genius!

  4. Love what you've done with this set. And how clever to make a parchment paper insert! Great colors too. Wonderful set! Bev

  5. Love the hearts stamped all over the cookie. It's just perfect! Genius idea cutting the parchment paper too! So doing that!


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